The Key to Buying a House Sight Unseen: Ask the Right Questions!

Welcome back! As we delve into the final blog post from my YouTube mini-series on buying a house sight unseen, let’s talk about the essential questions to ask at every stage of your sight unseen homebuying journey. Let's dive into the three categories of questions, along with valuable insights and tips to ensure a successful homebuying experience:

3 Categories of Questions to Ask

To navigate the buying a house sight unseen process effectively, let’s break down the essential questions into three categories:

  1. Before Your Video Home Tour: Questions to prepare for your virtual home tour
  2. During Your Video Home Tour: Questions to ask while viewing the property remotely
  3. After Your Video Home Tour: Questions to address after completing the virtual tour and before making an offer
2 Questions to Ask BEFORE Your Video Home Tour

Before embarking on your virtual home tour, consider asking the following two questions:

  1. What are your must-haves and deal-breakers?
  2. What is your budget and financial readiness?
8 Questions to Ask DURING Your Video Home Tour

During your virtual home tour, be sure to ask these eight critical questions:

  1. Can you provide a detailed walkthrough of the property?
  2. What is the condition of the roof, foundation, and major systems?
  3. Are there any visible signs of damage or maintenance issues?
  4. Can you showcase the neighborhood and nearby amenities?
  5. What is the seller's motivation for selling?
  6. Have there been any recent renovations or updates?
  7. Are there any pending assessments or HOA fees?
  8. What is the property's history and market value?
3 Questions to Ask AFTER Your Video Home Tour

After completing your virtual tour, consider addressing these three questions:

  1. What are your overall impressions of the property?
  2. Do you have any concerns or reservations?
  3. Are you ready to move forward with making an offer?
3 Bonus Questions

As a bonus, I recommend asking these additional questions for a more comprehensive understanding:

  1. Can you provide additional photos or videos of specific areas?
  2. Are there any potential red flags or challenges to be aware of?
  3. What is the timeline for submitting an offer and closing on the property?

As we conclude this six-part guide to buying a house sight unseen, remember to approach the process with confidence and diligence. By asking the right questions and leveraging my mini-series, you can make well-informed decisions and achieve your homeownership dreams. Happy house hunting!

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