How to Get Your DD 214!

Whether you're thinking about using your VA loan to buy a house or simply need your DD 214, you'll know how to get your DD 214 after reading this post! 

Let's start with explaining what is a DD 214?  The DD form 214 is your certificate of discharge from active duty.  Generally referred to as simply DD 214.  The DD denotes it's a form from the United States Department of Defense and is issued upon a service member's retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Here's a sample of what a DD 214 looks like:

DD 214 Sample

Fortunately, getting your DD 214 is pretty simple these days. 

Here's 3 ways you can get a copy of yours today:

  1. By asking your local loan officer to order it for you when using your VA loan to buy a house. 
  2. You can order DD 214 online via the National Archives at:
  3. You can also set up an account on eBenefits then order a copy at:

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